Genesis Research Associates is a full-service marketing research consultancy.

Genesis' mission is to provide high-quality, actionable research and to help our clients make profitable decisions.


“There are many things that have impressed me about working with Genesis Research. First and foremost is the clarity of thinking that Jeni Sall brings to any problem to be solved or opportunity to be explored. No matter how complex the situation may seem, Jeni has the unique ability to penetrate quickly to the heart of strategic and tactical issues, translate this insight into the highest quality research available, and develop highly actionable information designed for decision-making. It is great to work with an organization like Genesis, that understands the business reasons for research.” – David Smith, VP/General Manager, DocuShare Business Unit, Xerox Corp.

“Jeni Sall goes well beyond a traditional researcher in adding value to the problem-solving process. She constantly pushes for clarity on the objectives and action options, which leads to much tighter studies and results. Because she has a curious, creative mind and a practical sense of business, she constantly challenges me on the issues and the interpretations of the data, resulting in much stronger conclusions. Jeni is not a 'just take it and field it' researcher. She becomes a deeply-involved business partner who cares about the outcome and makes every decision at every stage a better one.” – Lloyd Fritzmeier, Chief Operating Officer, GardenFresh Corp.

“Jeni Sall has an innate ability to excavate actionable and meaningful insights from customers and prospects. Her research has helped numerous companies make better business decisions based on customer needs. She's an expert at designing and analyzing useful research, and her work contributed significantly to the early success of both Quicken and QuickBooks.” – Suzanne Taylor, Author, Inside Intuit

“Jeni Sall is far more than a superb researcher. She has been invaluable in helping me think through fundamental business strategies. She demands clarity around the decisions we have to make, and then provides world class research to assist us in selecting the right course of action. I consider Jeni to be a critical business partner. She always pushes my thinking to new levels, and sometimes even recommends that we don't need to do research.” – John Monson, Chief Operating Officer, PayCycle, Inc.; former VP/General Manager, Intuit

“Jeni Sall can grasp new and difficult topics as quickly as anyone I've ever met. Her ability to cut to the heart of marketing problems has made her research tremendously valuable in our decision-making process.” – Jaleh Bisharat, VP Marketing, OpenTable

“Jeni Sall is a marketing research expert who also has a lot of practical business know-how. Her research provides relevant and actionable insights. She has helped me size markets, measure satisfaction, uncover new business opportunities, and improve advertising and marketing communications. I always turn to Genesis when I have a tough business issue to solve or new possibilities to explore. Jeni brings creativity, flexibility, and enthusiasm to every project, and knocks herself out to deliver top-notch research, on time and on budget. Genesis' projects have consistently delivered a huge ROI.” – Tanya Roberts, Vice President of Marketing, PayCycle, Inc.


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