Genesis Research Associates is a full-service marketing research consultancy.

Genesis' mission is to provide high-quality, actionable research and to help our clients make profitable decisions.


A sampling of Genesis’ projects includes:

  • Ideation research on small business accounting assisted Intuit with the definition of the preliminary product feature set for QuickBooks software. This research drove a major redefinition of the product model, based upon feedback from prospective customers. QuickBooks is currently the market leader in the small business accounting software category.
  • Usability research for Apple Computer demonstrated to the product development team that computer-na´ve consumers found it quite difficult to assemble a personal computer. As a result of this insight, icons were added to cables and connectors, dramatically improving customers' initial experience and long-term perceptions of the Macintosh.
  • Ideation research with long-term dieters for Weight Watchers Frozen Foods identified the requisite criteria for a successful line of diet desserts. Follow-up development projects assisted in the development of specific items in the line. With Genesis' assistance, Weight Watchers pioneered the development of multi-billion dollar frozen diet dessert category.
  • A study of customer reactions to a poorly performing telephone menu system suggested numerous ease-of-use enhancements. After implementing these changes, Apple Computer experienced significant cost reductions as a much greater percentage of callers were automatically and quickly directed to appropriate departments.
  • Qualitative and quantitative research for Harold's Club Casino assisted the company in understanding and reversing a decline in revenues. Based upon input from gamblers, slot machine payout schedules were reworked and a widespread advertising effort was launched. These initiatives quickly resulted in a substantial increase in gambling profits.
  • Genesis conducted an integrated qualitative research program involving both focus groups and individual interviews with small business owners. This study enabled US West to quickly develop and deploy an effective marketing/advertising campaign directed at this audience.

In addition:

  • We have conducted numerous customer satisfaction and customer retention surveys.
  • We have assisted many clients with development of names, logos, positionings, and advertising executions that communicate clearly to their intended audiences.

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